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Donors programme

The IVF can be performed with the own oocytes and sperm of the couple, as well as with donor oocytes, sperm or embryos . Spouses may choose donor program when there are problems with their own sperm or oocytes, or if they have a disease that can be transmitted to the child as inherited. At that may be used cells of anonymous donors, (confidential information of which is kept at the clinic database), and the cells of known donors (relatives or friends)

  • Bank of donor sperm
  • Donor oocytes

The donor programs in MC “Gameta” are accompanied by an experienced psychologist who understands the issues of organ donation and can help in making decisions

Donor programs in MC " Gameta"are accompanied by an experienced psychologist who understands the issues of organ donation and can help in making decisions

Cryobank of donor sperm, ova and embryos

In most cases, the donor sperm is taken from a sperm bank and sperm donors undergo extensive medical and genetic testing. The frozen semen is subjected to a six-month quarantine, after which the donor is re-examined for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis , as these diseases can be detected only several months after infection (penetration of the pathogen into the body) . Use of thawed donor sperm is permissible only after receiving repeated donor’s negative test results after 6 months delay from the first sampling.

The donor sperm can be used for intrauterine insemination (IUI ) or IVF cycle. In general, the use of cryopreserved sperm instead of the native ("fresh") one does never reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

Donor oocytes are used when treatment of women with a healthy uterus, whose infertility is caused by lack of poor quality of oocytes, for example, case of women older than 40 years. The oocytes donors undergo the same medical and genetic testing, as well as sperm donors.

Oocytes donation procedure is essentially more complicated than sperm donation, and is performed as part of the IVF program .

First step here is the synchronization of oocytes donor and recipient menstrual cycles.

Then the oocytes donor is stimulated for superovulation and ovarian puncture, and the recipient receives hormones to prepare the uterus for pregnancy.

After puncturing the donor oocytes are fertilized with sperm of infertile woman husband and transferred to her uterus . In this case the patient (recipient) not being the genetic mother of the child of her husband, will give birth to that child and nurture it.

Oocytesdonors are at greater risk and difficulties than sperm donors. So they get the proper financial compensation for their participation in the donation program.

Using donor oocytes represents an expensive treatment, since the selection, examination of donors and their financial compensation increase the cost of IVF procedure. However, the relatively high efficiency of IVF when donor oocytes applied gives many couples the highest chance of success. Donor oocytes are used in almost 10% of all ART cycles,

The use of donor sperm, donor ova emobodies a complex decision that will affect the rest of the couple’s life. Talking with an experienced psychologist well versed in matters of donation can help in the process of decision taking. The staff of our clinics include a psychologist who has extensive experience working with infertile couples

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