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Women infertility diagnostics and treatment | Center for Reproductive Medicine in Odessa Gamete
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Women infertility diagnostics and treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility in women

The infertility represents an adult female’s incapability of reproduction. Overall 15% of family pairs are infertile, at that 50% cases embrace the male sterility factor, the 40% refer to female sterility factor, and 10% are these when the challenged reproductivity issues remain not established.

In Odessa city the “sterility” diagnosis is not a final judgment, as the reproductive health medical centre “Gameta” achieves essential success in treatment of both male and female infertility.

Infertility degrees

The female sterility is divided into primary and secondary infertility.

Primary female infertility (sterility 1) represents a disease of adult woman who never has been pregnant when at regular sexual contacts to a healthy man without using contraceptives during calendar year period such a woman did not became pregnant.

Secondary female infertility (sterility 2) embraces the cases when the women who earlier having get pregnant (irrespectively to the pregnancy result) do not succeed to became pregnant at the given time.

Female sterility issues relate to the inborn anomalies (incorrect positioning or hypoplasia of internal genital organs) either the genital organs’ diseases consequences (tumors, inflammations etc.)

Female sterility reasons:

1. Dysendocrinism (30-40%). Specific indices: ovule maturity process dysfunction, ovulation absence. These can be caused with deterioration at various regulation levels of reproductive system (hypothalamus –hypophysis - ovary) or malfunction of other endocrine glands (suprarenal glands, thyroid body) thus involving the hormonal disturbances of sexual sphere.

2. Oviduct sterility The oviduct obstruction often represents an aggravation after some inflammatory diseases (gonorrhoea, chlamydiosis, salpingitis, endometritits etc), pelvic organs surgery, abortions etc. The adhesive processes causing the oviducts obstruction forbid the ovum reaching the uterine for normal fertilization thus inevitably resulting in female sterility.

3. Infertility on the gynecologic pathology background: endometriosis, metrofibroma, endometrium pathology. Pelvic inflammatory diseases are the main cause of female infertility. The sexually transmitted infections, especially when none symptoms revealed they change into chronic kind, are involving the female sterility. Such infections include chlamydiosis, gonorrhoea etc.

4. Immunological sterility is due to ASA generation at the woman’s organism and consequent spermatozoids’ destruction.

5. Idiopathic sterility or sterility of uncertain origin. Approx 5% of pairs does not reveal when accessible diagnostic examination none anatomic either functional defaults of reproductive system.

6. Absolute sterility. There exist cases of female absolute sterility when due to some reasons the woman’s pelvic organs (uterus, ovarium) are completely absent or have critical congenital anomalies. Practically one half of infertile women reveal a combination of several from the infertility factors above.

Female infertility diagnostic

The patients of Reproductive health medical centre “Gameta” undergo the female infertility diagnostics while first visit, through fast and comfortable procedure revealing by-side the connected urogenital infectious diseases and their origins. The primary diagnostics is aimed onto the infertility basic issue revealing. Afterwards an additional examination can be assigned to determine the strategy of the given infertility case treatment.

Methods of infertility treatment
1. Treatment of ST-infections and inflammatory pelvic diseases.
2. Treatment of endocrinous infertility. Menstrual cycle recovery. Ovulation stimulation.
3. Pre-IVF procedures. Extracorporal insemination. ICSI. IUI with the partner’s or donor’s sperm.
4. Treatment of immunologic infertility.

Advantages of sterility treatment at the Reproductive health medical centre “Gameta” The Centre provides treatment of all sterility types: primary and secondary infertility, female and male infertility.