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Individual programs | Center for Reproductive Medicine in Odessa Gamete
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Reproductive Health “Gameta”
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Individual programs

Individual pregnancy management in Odessa

The Prenatal care always represents an individual program for each pregnant woman. And how could it be otherwise? Each pregnancy case is unique differently.

In Reproductive health medical centre "Gameta" You’ll feel the constant care of you and your future baby. .
A woman waiting for new life arrival embodies a whole world with its joys, challenges and features of pregnancy . Experience shows that the mother from the first weeks of pregnancy accompanied by the individual physician, has every opportunity to create a positive attitude and confidence for all the long 9 months of pregnancy. And
this makes certain the whole expectant family.

Individual program of pregnancy is developed specifically for each patient and requires monitoring of future mom and her baby throughout the period of carrying a child. This allows controlling their health condition and to minimize the possibility of pathologies, to minimize risks during childbirth .

The unique private women health clinics in Odessa
Prenatal care at our clinics, what does it mean? Strict compliance to the protocols ordered by the Ukraine Ministry of Public Health, modern control & monitoring systems and the latest equipment of top expert class. The XXI century labware allows the most complex researches. All contracts include individual dietary advice and rehabilitation process after childbirth (steps to prevent stretch marks, how to restore skin elasticity and improve metabolism, how to restore your line after childbirth) .
Very important is the availability of contacts with your obstetrician – gynecologist, an experienced professional who can answer any question about your pregnancy. At Reproductive health medical centre "Gameta" your doctor is always om-direvct-access and ready to give comprehensive advice and guidance and, if necessary, appoint additional examinations and procedures .
The pregnancy management program of Reproductive health medical centre "Gameta" is built on the basis of friendly relations and partnerships “patient-doctor –family” thus commending and encouraging the future father’s attendance at consultations and tests.
At that the whole family picture of health becomes clearer.

Individual supervision program

After the pregnant patient’s initial examination the doctor administers the necessary procedures, tests and examinations, composing a detailed file of pregnancy history and an individual program. During the initial examination, usually at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, essential is to gather as much information about the woman’s health as possible assigning the following examinations:
  •  Special gynecological examination
  • The smear of vaginal flora, cytology
  • CBC , blood type and Rh factor, urinalysis, urine bacterial culture
  • Blood tests for RW, HIV , Hbs-Ag (test for hepatitis B)
  • Study of the hemostatic system ( blood clotting )
  • A blood test for antibodies to the Rh factor
  • Ultrasonogram at 11 - 13 weeks to measure the fetal neck area, with the aim of detection or exclusion of congenital and chromosomal aberrations ultrasonic signs 

Individual programs of pregnancy in Odessa
  • Maintaining a singleton normal pregnancy
  • Maintain normal pregnancy
  • Maintaining a singleton pregnancy complicated,
  • Management of multiple-fetuses risk pregnancy
  • The management of pregnancy after IVF
Our programs include doctoral visits and mandatory sampling analyzes and surveys for each pregnancy stage to assess the health condition of the future mother and child. Such visits at normal pregnancy are scheduled in the following dynamics :
  • once a month in the first three months of pregnancy (before 12 weeks );
  • twice a month in the second trimester ( 13 to the 24th week);
  • once a week in the third trimester ( after 25 weeks).
In addition to standard procedures, examinations and surveys, our center patients can undergo the following :
  • whole complex of bacteriological analyses to identify abnormal flora in the urogenital organs,
  • hormonal levels determination to identify hormonal deficiency.
  • CTG as a fetal condition assessment method based on registration of prenatal baby heart rate ( after 25 weeks of pregnancy )
  • Doppler for definition of blood flow rate in the vessels of the placenta and umbilical cord ( in the 2nd and 3rd trimester )
  • prenatal screening for congenital malformations of the fetus (ultrasonic and biochemical indicators )
  • immunization of women with Rh-negative to maximize early detection of Rhesus-conflict.

Testing extra-schedule

In addition, a woman can undergo an individual , unscheduled testing at her own will, consulting an endocrinologist, allergist, vascular surgeon (detection and correction of vascular diseases , the prevention of thrombosis) and other specialists. After all, along with "increased " load on the body, characteristic for pregnancy, often aggravated are several longstanding chronic diseases , and sometimes suddenly appear some new diagnoses , which are very important not to " miss for catching".
Management of complicated pregnancies does imply necessary additional examinations and consultations with medical specialists.
Individual pregnancy program can include a variety of preventive and wellness activities, such as physical exercise in school for expectant mothers, psychologist sessions to prepare for the birth and other treatments. All this improves the health and psychological well-being of the pregnant woman.

Such an integrated approach helps to achieve maximum effect in the process of preparing a pregnant woman to leave. Your personal physician will monitor the slightest changes in your body that allows spotting the problems and prevent them, thereby ensuring safe pregnancy.

Selection of the most suitable conditions for childbirth

At the third trimester end, your doctor may recommend, basing on the diagnostic indications, a maternity hospital the most suitable for you. Moreover, we have experienced doctors that not only monitor your pregnancy, but also take delivery. We shall submit to your selected maternity hospital well in advance all documentation available with individual guidance for patient and advice of your personal physician. This helps making the child birth process as safe as possible, gentle and efficient! Observed pregnancy in our clinic is available for residents of Odessa city and Odessa region: we welcome all expectant mothers.
Patients , registered at the Reproductive health medical centre "Gameta"antenatal clinic, obtain all documents prescribed by the Decree of the Ukraine Ministry of Public Health (clinics exchange card , sick leave by decree, references to the municipal registrar).

You can assign a visit to Reproductive health medical centreGameta” female clinics’ obstetrician gynaecologist calling by phone 738-68-69