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CTG : simple, comfortable , informative | Center for Reproductive Medicine in Odessa Gamete
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CTG : simple, comfortable , informative

The CTG at Medical Center " Gamet " is performed instrumentally with Sonicaid Team device, which serves to accurately and reliably monitor the status of the fetus beginning from 24 weeks pregnance with computer analysis of survey results .
Cardiotocography (CTG ) is a method of fetus status functional assessment during pregnancy and childbirth on the basis of registrating the frequency of its heartbeats and their changes depending on uterine contractions , the effect of external stimuli or activity of the fetus.
Currently CTG makes an integral part of a comprehensive assessment of the status of the fetus along with ultrasound and Doppler velocimetry . This fetal cardiac activity control greatly enhances the diagnostic status of the fetus , both during pregnancy and delivery, effectively solving problems of rational tactics selection.
The fetal cardiac activity is recorded with a special ultrasonic sensor . This sensor is fixed on the anterior abdominal wall of a pregnant woman in the area of best hearing fetal heart tones . The sensor generates an ultrasonic signal reflected from the fetal heart and the newly perceived sensor. Electronic system converts the recorded changes cardiomonitor intervals between individual heartbeats fetal instantaneous frequency of his heart rate counting the number of beats per minute at the time of the study.
Conventional CARDIOFLOWGRAPHY available in maternity hospitals and antenatal clinics of the city, allow the CTG assessment not earlier than 32 weeks of gestation . It is believed that by this time formed is the relationship between cardiac activity and fetal motor activity that reflects the functions of its several systems ( central nervous , muscular and cardiovascular ) . By the 32
nd week of pregnancy there is also established the activity -rest cycle of the fetus. The average duration of the active state is 50-60 minutes, and relaxing - 20-30 min. Earlier CTG (24 weeks gestation ) is possible only when using devices of class Sonicaid Team, as it allows to provide a reliable diagnosis of the fetus.

CTG - simple and comfortable procedure

Indications for CTG

  • Burdened obstetrical history: perinatal loss , intrauterine growth retardation, preterm birth risk , etc.
  • Diseases pregnant : hypertension , diabetes , kidney disease , systemic disease of connective tissue and blood vessels.
  • Complications of pregnancy : Rh immunization, preeclampsia .
  • Multiple pregnancy .
  • delay with pregnant delivery.
  • Reduced activity of the fetus, as pregnant notes .
  • Intrauterine fetal growth.
  • Oligohydramnios .
  • Abnormal findings on ultrasound placenta.
  • Congenital malformations of the fetus.
  • Dynamic study with previous pathological CTG .
  • Circulatory disorders in the mother- placenta-fetus by Doppler results

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