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Physiotherapy | Center for Reproductive Medicine in Odessa Gamete
Medical Centre of
Reproductive Health “Gameta”
(048) 738 68 69
Ukraine, Оdessa, 65039, Slepneva lane 3А
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Physiotherapy in Odessa

The Physiotherapy is one of the treatments methods, never using chemical agents (drugs), but the physical ones: currents, magnetic fields, laser, ultrasound, etc. Physiotherapy procedures are selected individually , depending on many factors of the person and his illness. The physiotherapy is good because it helps and complements the treatment of conditions which are not always amenable to conventional therapy :

  • adhesions
  • chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • uterine hypoplasia and genital infantilism
  • menstrual irregularities
  • breast disease
  • diseases of the spine and joints
  • urological diseases

The physiotherapy is a very effective method for treatment of pelvis organs chronic inflammation. It does not eliminate the adnations, but leads to their softening, reduces the pain, relieves the disruption of constipation. .
The attending doctor selects individually the specific physical factor applied, depending on related diseases age, and taking into account the contraindications

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