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Surgical urology

Invasive and operational methods for sperm sampling

At some diseases, the male sex cells (sperm) are not reaching the semen (ejaculate), therefore , a woman can not become pregnant, and the given disroder one of the most common causes of male infertility .
The medical center " Gameta " can help your sperm to start a new life.
It is possible after getting sperm through invasive and operational methods using techniques TESE or PESA (MESA).
The difference between these methods relates to the "source" producing sperm :
When using TESE technology the sperm is recovered by puncture of testicular tissue , while PESA it is taken from the epididymis .
The doctor decides which method to choose on the basis of the survey results.
In our center, we also use another technique: MESA ( microsurgical operation to obtain fluid from the epididymis ) .
These methods allow to get sperm when so-called obstructive factor for male infertility, (sperm are produced, in principle, but can not leave the testicula naturally because of obstruction at some level of seminal tract).
The methods used relate to invasive and microsurgical manipulation of the highest level allowing essential increase of the chances for getting a good aspirate containing the sperm.
These manipulations and operations are conducted by a highly competent doctor urologist andrologist .

Objective: obtaining sperm (or even a single spermatozoide ) for ICSI .
The TESE or PESA (MESA) is used in the presence of the following problems:

  • deteriorated patency of the vas tract or testes
  • lack of sperm in the ejaculate


1. Anesthesia applied, ultrasound-guided, using biopsy micro-toolkit (needles) to obtain microscopic piece of testicular tissue (TESE), or fluid from the epididymis (PESA).
The MESA technique involves obtaining fluid from the epididymis through microsurgery .
2 . When TESE: the resulting tissue is transferred to a nutrient solution, and divided into mature (even single ) and immature sperm. When PESA or MESA the epididymal content aspirated undergoes separation to evolve viable sperm.
Both PESA or TESA procedure takes 10-15 minutes. MESA procedure takes about an hour and requires a hospital stay of 3-4 hours. Any of the procedures are not reflected in the future on the potency and other functions male.
The resulting sperm is used for IVF.
Conducting TESE or PESA (MESA) is a fairly common procedure. Especially for men who do not want to restore surgically the spermal function forever. The IVF results do not depend on the method of producing sperm.
When absolute absence of sperm or significant anomalies detected recommended is to use the donor sperm.
The qualified urologist - andrologist of highest category is involved in such operations effected at the reproductive health medical center " Gameta"

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