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Аndrology | Center for Reproductive Medicine in Odessa Gamete
Medical Centre of
Reproductive Health “Gameta”
(048) 738 68 69
Ukraine, Оdessa, 65039, Slepneva lane 3А
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Аndrology. Andrologist urologist in Odessa

The andrology is a science close to urology studying the diseases and disorders of the male reproductive system, methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment.
Solving problems in the male reproductive system , traditionally engaged urologists. Later this section evolved a new direction, - andrology and its specific problems became a separate medical field. The andrology problems today include: inflammatory diseases of male reproductive system: urethritis, prostatitis , orchitis , vesiculitis ) , including infections caused by sexually transmitted infections , genitourinary (urogenital ) infection , sexual disorders (disorders of sexual desire, erection, ejaculation ) male infertility, prostate adenoma , disorders of puberty , hormonal regulation disorders , age-related changes.
According to WHO, more than 60% of middle-aged men have certain potency disorders. In our country, taking into account the impact of harmful factors (both environmental and behavioral), and the frequency of stressful situations, these ciphers are much higher.
Just Ukraine takes one of the leading places in the world on the prevalence of male infertility and birth of children with congenital malformations .

  • Andrologist docvtor tasks refer to early detection and treatment of diseases such as :
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • Male infertility as the inability of conception more than 6 months ;
  • sexually transmitted infections ;
  • altered hormonal status of men ;
  • age hypogonadism ;
  • abnormal development of male sexual organs , etc.
  • pathology of sperm maturation (spermatogenesis );
  • prostate disease ,
To solve these problems used are both conservative and operative methods of treatment
The reproductive health medical center "Gameta" welcomes men visiting highly qualified physician in urology and andrology; we use a full range of laboratory and instrumental methods. If necessary, we engage the related fields experts. The effectiveness of treatment is provided by a variety of physiotherapy, improving spermatogenesis, blood supply, trophics processes , lymph flow in the reproductive organs , which normalizes their function. Widely used are the therapeutic possibilities of laser , hyperthermia therapy exposure to electromagnetic fields , vibration and vacuum massage .
Our principle is: guarantee of both individual and confidential approach.

Assign a visit to urologist andrologist by phone. 738-68-69