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Gynecological Surgery

Intimate Plastic Surgery in Odessa

The intimate surgery includes surgery, correcting certain defects in the genital area of women. Among this department patients are women of different ages, united by one the desire to feel themselves attractive to the opposite sex or to get rid of their complexes in the intimate sphere . Intimate surgery usually involves plastic surgery, female genital mutilation under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and without complex special preparatory stages. The likelihood of complications after such operations is minimal. Thanks to a good blood supply to the genitals, the healing process is very fast.
Surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia , depending on the type of operation. After the procedure you remain under observation in one-day-hospital for several hours.
The most specific operations for women include: plastic labia minora, the restoration of virginity (refloration), surgical deflowering, vaginal plastics.

Plastic labia minora in Odessa

So arranged by nature that the labia are rarely completely symmetrical. At some women, one lip can be larger than the other . If an anomaly, the labia look is not only visually unappealing, but also cause discomfort during movement, because of irritation due to friction. Plastic surgery of labia minora allows us to give them visual appeal and get rid of defects, while ensuring the sex appeal and sensitivity.

Vaginal plastics in Odessa

After childbirth , especially repeated, the perineum (the area located between the lower point of convergence of the labia majora and the anus) may be stretched. As a result of stretching the vagina expands and the woman ceases to get pleasure from intercourse. In order to correct this defect our medical center proposes such options as frontal and \ or rear plastic of vagina. After a small incision extending across the rear wall of the vagina , thus tissue is stapled to decrease vagina. After this operation no scar remains outside since all manipulations are made through the mucosa .

Hymenoplasty (hymen restoration) : relatively simple manipulation performed on an outpatient basis, never cause any complications.

Surgical defloration: intimate plastic operation aimed at cutting the hymen. Quite often it happens that the hymen is so dense that a man is not able to break it without causing severe pain or injury. In such cases, recommended is the surgical defloration, id.e. surgical dissection (removal) of the hymen by several medical conditions or on the patient’s own will.

None of the intimate plastic genital operations are not directly affecting the ability to experience orgasm and does not reduce the women excitability.

Our medical center, " Gamet "is ready to offer you our Intimate Plastic service. Call the contact number 738-68-69 in our center and get clear with the details of operations on women intimate plastic