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Mammalogy in Odessa | Center for Reproductive Medicine in Odessa Gamete
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Reproductive Health “Gameta”
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Mammalogy in Odessa

Mammalogy in Odessa

Breast glands in a woman's life and whole humanity life have a special place , because, being the object of offspring feeding , they become a symbol of motherhood , an important component of sexuality, one of the main erogenous zones , grace and beauty , sung by artists and sculptors of all time .
Unfortunately they are often affected by the various oncopathies , including cancer. Therefore , every woman should firmly understand the basic principles of prevention and early diagnosis of breast disease .
Experience accumulated along centuries allows clearly presenting the risk factors of breast diseases related to lifestyle, occupation , reproductive function and lactation women , genetic predisposition , and comorbidities .
At least once a year, every woman should be examined by a breast physician , who will demonstrate her a ​​self-examination technique and will help in identifying the first symptoms of the disease. If you found any self-detected changes in the mammary glands , you should contact a doctor mammologist .
The most common disease of the breast is mastopathy .

Sokolov Oleg Davidovich
Doctor mammologist


Not being a “strictly defined concept” due to wide variety of types, this term is used in Ukraine and abroad. The most convenient classification is as follows:
1.Diffuse fibrocystic breast disease

  • with a predominance of glandular component
  • with a predominance of fibrous component
  • with a predominance of cystic component
  • mixed form
2.Nodular form of fibrocystic breast
Risk factors herein include early menopause, impaired ovarian-menstrual cycle , the prolonged absence of labor, more than 3 abortions , various gynecological diseases, disorders and irregular sexual life , lactation period of less than 3 months , hereditary predisposition , abnormalities in thyroid and other endocrine bodies.
It is believed that the leading role in the occurrence of mastitis is played by theive progesterone deficiency with the development of excess estrogen, as well as increased production of prolactin , an increased amount of estrogen receptors in the breast.
The benign tumors that may occur in the breast are: fibroadenoma (single or multiple) , leaf fibroadenomas and cysts .
At our reproductive health medical center " Gameta" you can consult and get advises from the highest category, oncologist mammologist, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine , Corresponding Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Professor Sokolov Oleg Davidovich .

Our medical center provides:

  • breast ultrasound
  • non-surgical (conservative) treatment of large cysts
  • diagnostic and therapeutic puncture various formations of breast cysts , cytology
  • If necessary, puncture performed under ultrasound
  • treatment of various forms of mastitis
  • Conservative treatment inflamed cysts
  • If necessary, patients are referred for a mammogram

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