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Dermatooncology | Center for Reproductive Medicine in Odessa Gamete
Medical Centre of
Reproductive Health “Gameta”
(048) 738 68 69
Ukraine, Оdessa, 65039, Slepneva lane 3А
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The Dermatooncology represent an oncology section dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the skin .

Possible causes of skin diseases include: excessive solar insolation (tan in the solarium) disorders of the immune and endocrine systems; substandard food ; genetic predisposition ; poor environment , etc. As a consequence there increases the risk of skin cancer or myeloma as one of the malignant tumors of the skin.
Prevention of skin cancer consists primarily in careful introspection, regular hygienic care of the skin, protection from harmful factors the natural and occupational hazards, careful handling pigment spots , and sure timely and better preventive treatment by a competent doctor .

Only oncologist can establish an accurate diagnosis, make recommendations, provide treatment, and if necessary remove the tumor using one of the modern methods; also he shall send the sample for histological examination .

The "Gameta" medical center’s specialist surgical oncologist of highest category, Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Professor Sokolov Oleg Davidovich consultes patients with various tumors of the skin and soft tissues. These include various papilloma warts keratomas, cutaneous horn, congenital or acquired nevi, hemangioma, lipoma , etc. If necessary, there will be applied ​​modern methods of cytologic or histologic examination. After accurate diagnosis, depending on the location and size of formation, the patient will be offered one of the modern methods of treatment that are produced without pain.

Coagulation , or excision with coagulation of small benign papillomas and skin nevi, is performed using modern radio wave device " Surgitron" that allows cosmetic defects removal without damaging healthy surrounding tissue. The " Surgitron" compares favorably with other methods by its sterility , speed and cosmetic healing rate, as well as the ability to use regular hygiene (shower, bath) while healing.
Fibroma, lipoma and other soft tissue formations are excised entirely (within healthy tissue) superimposing the cosmetic seams, and without pain. The tissue samples are histologically studied. The patient is found under observation until complete healing of postoperative scar

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