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The osteodensitometry embodies a method for determination of bone mineral density that is used to measure the amount of calcium, the main structural element of bone.
Nowadays it is the most accurate and widely in the world used method for determining osteoporosis and bone density measurement in vertebrates, femoral neck and other bones.
Reduced amount of calcium results in increased bone fragility of the skeleton and to atraumatic fracture.
Therefore the purpose of this method is establishing diagnosis and assigning surveillance. After instrumental examination the computer compares the bone density of the patient with the indicators of a healthy person and analyzes them. The patient receives these data in a printed form.
Such examinations are recommended to all pregnant women, women in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women, as physiological changes in the levels of sex hormones lead to a significant loss of calcium. Osteodensitometry should also be conducted in patients with endocrine probkems, rheumatology and some other diseases.

This diagnostic technique is also recommended to those interested in fitness, sports and just controlling the slim line!

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Timely diagnosis and correction of calcium deficiency allow a woman to preserve the beauty and health in the postpartum period!

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